SMOKED XO LED Rear Tail Lights for Ford Ranger T6 2012-2015

  • £359.99

These Smoked XO Rear Tail Lights will fit any Ford Ranger T6 from 2012-2015 and make a huge difference to the appearance of the vehicle.

Replacing the old-fashioned standard rear lights that came with your Ford Ranger with our new LED plug and play alternative, you will give your truck an instant rear end face-lift.

These unique lights are a direct replacement for the original lights & are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the LED's are extremely bright and will not fail like so many other cheap lights we have tested over the years

Our lights are the only ones available in the UK that have passed E-Mark certification and come with both Rear Fog's and Reversing Lights on the correct sides for UK roads, unlike the cheaper copy lights that are not E-Marked and do not have the Reverse or Fog lights required to pass a UK MOT test.

Fitting options available for local customers, please contact us to check availability.