48" High Lifting Farm Jack / Ratchet for Off Road Recovery 3 tons Bundle

48" XO High Lifting Farm Jack / Ratchet for Off Road Recovery 3 tons Bundle

Up the creek without a paddle? Or broken down without a jack?
It's annoying when you're off-roading and blow a tyre, even more so when you haven't packed an appropriate kit to deal with your huge mud terrains.
This is a must have for any off-road enthusiast or simply anyone who a vehicle where a normal jack just won't cut it,
Our bundle package is designed to deal with any problem you may encounter.
Our farm jack stabilising base is perfect for any tricky terrain you might find yourself in and works perfectly with our wheel mate which attaches to our jack and helps get your wheel off the ground, and the bundle is completed with our locking handle to keep the handle locked in place.
All of this for one bundle price, winner!

Jack Benefits:
  • 48" Lift means that this jack is capable of dealing with most lifted vehicles and vehicles with big tyres.

  •  3 ton capacity

  • Heavy duty steel, built for longevity and tough enjoinments.

Stand Benefits:
  • High strength ABS plastic makes the base super durable, crack resistant and weather resistant.

  • Designed to compliment most farm jacks.

  • Diamond teeth design helps grip in all unstable terrain, especially mud,sand and snow.

  • Luminous colour provides high visibility in poor conditions

Wheel Mate Benefits:
  • Solid rubber coated hooks, hard wearing and made to reduce any damage to the wheel.

  • Fits quickly and easily to the jack

  • 2.5 Ton lift weight.

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