1 x 15lt Long Haul Jerry / Fuel Can With Spout + LOCK MOUNT

1 x 15lt Long Haul Jerry / Fuel Can With Sprout + LOCK MOUNT

A must have for any motorist or those who have a keen taste for off-roading and long hauls!
There is nothing worse than the stress that comes with looking for fuel in the middle of no where, now you will never be caught out again!
  • Made from high quality strong ABS plastic and designed with an impact resistant shape that ensures longevity in all conditions.

  • Comes with compact nozzle that sits inside the can when finished.

  • Air hole that helps with the flow of fuel whilst pouring.

  • Fixing point in the middle of the can and fixing mount included to enable mounting to a vehicle.
  • Lock barrel and 2 keys included to ensure security, even when left in open back vehicles like pickup etc